Price manipulation FMIND5 order flow indicator

The brain
he tries to explain behaivior
and logic
Yes like livermore say
Back to basic
How its related to iceberg ? ­čÖä­čÖä
he is right
the iceberg is manipulation of human nature
Its hidden order to human to see ­čĄö
remember not everyone trader see these iceberg orders

order flow price manipulation2

1546 market buy order on a top
who buys on a top
single order of 1540 contracts ?
stupid money ?
they collect money both ways up and down
1546 is filled order ?
yes it is market order
but price goes down because of iceberg order which absorbed all buying orders
this baffet place buy order then short iceberg order to drive price down then took profit, then everybody sees 1545 buy order and wants to go with big money up
profit both ways down and up
they make buy market order and at the same time short hedging
if something goes wrong
he can manipulate market as he want ­čś×
Means they make profits both ways
exactly !!!!
Black number means got filled 1st ?
because they can
you would do the same
if you can
and me too
Wht 898 black number stand for sir ? At bottom one ?
short market order
Filled ?
Then why it goes up slowly ?
because of buy iceberg order
absorbed sell market oder
there is some patterns it was double buy iceberg orders
close to each other
two green lines
works very well
these orders is part of previous big order on a top
it is very clear manipuliation of price
you have to see it
price manipulation FMIND5
just when using fmind you are sure where it hapening
and why.

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