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    About Fmind
  • What is FMind?

    Fmind is complicated peace of software dedicated for financial markets analysis. It uses DOM and time&sales and other financial markets futures to provide accurate order flow analysis.

  • Which platforms I can use with Fmind?

    At the moment FMind available on Ninjatrader 7, Ninjatrader 8 and MT5 Platforms. But, not all futures available on Ninjatrader 7.

  • Do you provide training?

    No, we don't provide any training at the moment.

  • Do you teach how to trade using Fmind?

    No, we don't teach how to trade.

  • Basic market structure
    Basic about market.
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  • Do you have any training materials such as Webinars I can learn from in order to be fairly competent in using Fmind?

    You can watch our youtube channel.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDVI2mc26xk_j7feV8dxB-Q

  • Installation
  • How I can install fmind?

    The file you have received is in rar, zip compressed format and contains FMIND5 indicator and FMIND5 manual folders. Please read FMIND5 manual first. Don’t try to install indicator before complete understand FMIND5 manual. Complete all steps described below !
    If you made a mistake, please remove all files created by improper installation and remove them by NinjaTrader script removal tool.
    Very important! Don't try to install Fmind5 before you get licence from us, otherwise you get problems with files left from old installation. It saves you and us from fixing problems.

  • Where is my Ninjatrader machine ID

    All FMIND5 indicators are licensed and enabled using a unique number called a Machine ID. This is a number generated by your NinjaTrader platform, and unique to your pc or laptop. In order to activate your licence on the NinjaTrader servers, we will need this number from you first, in order to create your licence on our system. This number is very easy to find as described :
    Open your NinjaTrader platform and left click on the Help option from the top level navigation. This will open the following drop down menu:

    Scroll down to the About option and left click. This will then open the following window which has the Machine ID as shown below:

    Your Machine ID is the long serial number shown in the red box above. Please copy and paste this carefully in the form below, along with your name, and email address and click the submit button. This will ensure we receive this quickly allowing us to create your NinjaTrader licence.

  • Purchase Fmind
  • How I can purchase Fmind?

    You can purchase Fmind by bank payment only.

  • Fmind user manual.
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