price manipulation FMIND5

Price manipulation FMIND5 order flow indicator

The brain
he tries to explain behaivior
and logic
Yes like livermore say Back to basic How its related to iceberg ? 🙄🙄 he is right the iceberg is manipulation of human nature Its hidden order to human to see 🤔 remember not everyone trader see these iceberg orders

order flow price manipulation2 read more

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FMIND5 software tech analysis

Hidden orders

Hidden Orders: A useful tool in a trader’s tool box to defend against predatory HFTs

Ever since the publication of the book Dark Pools in 2012, it became public that ECNs and exchanges were accommodating HFTs firms by offering them special order types that most market participants don’t get. These order types enable HFTs to decrease the amount of “adverse selection” they are exposed to and to be at the top of the queue, key components of profitable market making. read more

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