NFP event order flow

How to record history tick data for FMIND5 order flow

You need to record tick history data to be life available for FMIND5 order flow trading. The data is available from NinjaTrader servers. If  the indicator wasn’t load on a  charts  it doesn’t record its own data, so you need to  connect to continuum first, go to utilities, download historical data, choose instrument you need and date and download the data. Then disconnect from continuum, connect to market reply and load instrument with historical data, load FMIND5 and start replying the data. FMIND5 will make recording required data. When finished disconnect from reply and connect to continuum, load the instrument chart and indicator FMIND5 and the data will appear, The data now will be always available even if you close the chart or NinjaTrader 7. Happy trading. read more

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price manipulation FMIND5

Price manipulation FMIND5 order flow indicator

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Yes like livermore say Back to basic How its related to iceberg ? 🙄🙄 he is right the iceberg is manipulation of human nature Its hidden order to human to see 🤔 remember not everyone trader see these iceberg orders

order flow price manipulation2 read more

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